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Philips continues to lead the way in automotive lighting with the launch of ColorVision ? the first headlamp that turns light into a touch of color in car optics. ColorVision offers a revolutionary way for drivers to personalize their car?s headlamps with a touch of blue, green, yellow or purple.
Designed for car enthusiasts, ColorVision offers the ultimate in color customization. Thanks to a special coating on the lamps, it is possible to add a touch of color that complies with all European vehicle legislation. The range is also available in the most popular (H4 and H7) automotive lamp types.
The colored effect is created by reflecting light into the lamp?s reflector optics. When switched on, the headlamps are illuminated with a shade of blue, green, yellow or purple. However, the beam that is projected forward is pure white light. ColorVision lights up the road ahead with 60% more light than any other standard lamp. Not only are drivers are able to see the road ahead more clearly; they also react faster while driving. Furthermore, ColorVision increases visibility by 25 metres compared to standard lamps, making it easier for drivers to anticipate any obstacles that might come in their way.
Although ColorVision lamps comply with all European vehicle legislations, the concept is so revolutionary that Philips has also included a certification card within the product packaging. This will ensure that drivers are able to prove that the lamps are certified road legal should they ever be challenged by the authorities. ColorVision lamps are designed to perform. Philips UV-quartz glass optimizes lighting performance with the highest levels of resistance to vibrations and severe thermal shock. Quartz glass also offers excellent resistance to humidity and extreme temperatures. The lamps also feature a special anti-UV coating that will protect them against harmful ultraviolet rays and prevent plastic headlamp units from yellowing in the future.
Martin Rapp is excited about the launch, “ColorVision will give drivers that are passionate about their vehicles a unique opportunity to restyle with light. A touch of color in the lamps, together with 60% more safe white light on the road, means they?ll be able to make their ride stand out for all the right reasons.”
For more product information go to www.philips.com/colorvision

Om Royal Philips

Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) er et allsidig selskap som tilbyr et bredt spekter av helse- og velv?reprodukter. Vi ?nsker ? gi kundene v?re en bedre hverdag gjennom nyttige nyskapinger p? omr?dene Healthcare, Consumer Lifestyle and Lighting.
Philips, som har hovedkontor i Nederland, omsatte for 23,3 milliarder euro i 2013 og har om lag 115 000 medarbeidere som jobber med salg og tjenester i over hundre land. Selskapet er ledende innenfor kardiologi, pasientoverv?king og hjemmebehandling, energieffektive belysningsl?sninger og nye belysningstyper, barbering og egenpleie for menn samt munn- og tannpleie.

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