Satte fyr p? basehopper for ? teste undert?y

How can a company prove that their flame retardant underwear works under extreme conditions? By setting a base jumper on fire before jumping 1200 meters off a cliff, a Norwegian manufacturer of protective underwear has made a product demonstration out of the ordinary.
Adding flames as an additional risk factor for base-jumping, an activity associated with high risk in the first place, might seem both reckless and unnecessary. Nevertheless, according to Devold, it is precisely situations where life and health is at risk where their products can make a difference.
Through The Devold Protection Challenge, we wanted to focus on these situations. We wanted to test the products and its capabilities in a setting where there are no room for mistakes, where the stress level is high, and the focus must be entirely on the task, says Trond Sleipnes, Marketing Director in Devold of Norway AS.
The Norwegian brand is most known for its wool underwear for outdoor living. Since 1969 however, the company has developed a series of underwear and mid layers protecting against cold, heat, flames, static electricity and metal splash. The company was the first manufacturer to receive EU-approval for their flame retardant underwear.
In this movie, we wanted to demonstrate that Devold Protection products withstand the most demanding challenges. We put our products in an extreme situation where they had to function optimally, says Sleipnes.
A base jumper set on fire is not something you see every day. Nor is it a realistic situation for users of such protective underwear. Yet, the setting illustrates a weighty fact, namely how a large amount of oxygen makes a flame increase rapidly. A stressful situation, together with the rapidly increasing flames, makes the need for protective underwear even more important.
Our main concern is to ensure that Devold Protection products provide the best protection. We therefore conduct continuously research, testing and trials to deliver what we promise our clients: protection for your employees, says Sleipnes.
The users of such products often operate within the industries of aluminum, steel, electric power, oil and gas, as well as fire departments and military. In these sectors, security requirements are highly important. Therefore, a number of norms, standards and certificates are required to ensure that Devold Protection products hold the highest quality possible.

In order to meet the strict requirements for protective clothing, the products have been extensively tested in laboratories. We do this to achieve the required verification certificate, but also to meet our own requirements for the products.

The products are used under harsh conditions and activities, where pace and intensity is high. Therefore, the products must provide mobility, comfort and moisture transportation. As emphasized in the film, transporting moisture away from the body is crucial when facing a potential danger related to heat and fire. If not, the risk of burn injury, overheating and taking potentially fatal decisions increases significantly.
People who use Devold Protection products can feel confident that the garments they keep closest to their body, is up for the task. This way, they can fully concentrate on their job, says Sleipnes.

Devold of Norway AS er et uavhengig selskap med en lang historie som vi er sv?rt stolte av. Vi har produsert kvalitetskl?r med ull som r?materiale siden 1853, noe som gj?r oss til den eldste produsenten av strikkede plagg i Norge. Selv om det i dag er snart 160 ?r siden Ole Andreas Devold grunnla bedriften, er m?lsetningen den samme ? ? skape kl?r av h?y kvalitet som beskytter mennesker mot v?r og vind.

Artykuly o tym samym temacie, podobne tematy

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